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Submission deadline - May 12, 2017

Noba challenges you to take the science of psychology and bring it to life in creative and memorable ways. The 2016-17 Video Award is a chance for Psi Chi members to engage in deep learning by researching important topics in psychology and then making original videos to educate and entertain viewers. The most outstanding submissions will receive cash awards and also be included in learning modules in the Noba Collection to be seen by other students around the world for years to come.

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2016-17 Topic

The focus of the 2016-17 Video Award is Personality Traits. Pick any topic(s) from the Noba learning module on Personality Traits (described and linked below) as the subject of your short video.

Where do I start? Consider these possible ideas for a video:

  • Dive deeper into how personality traits are good predictors of certain life outcomes (success in school/work, general health, longevity, etc.).
  • Explore and present the real-world application of personality psychology related to personal health and/or organizational effectiveness. Consider interviews with professionals working in these fields.
  • Analyze a group of characters from a fictional story (novel, movie, TV show, comic book, etc.) and focus on how their behaviors illustrate different personality traits.
  • Do a dramatization that represents the “Person-situation Debate”.
  • The possibilities for creative video submissions based on this topic are virtually everywhere. Your video can include, but is not limited to, animation, interviews, PowerPoint, and live demonstrations or re-creations. Explore the Noba module Personality Traits and then get busy making something to impress the Noba judges!
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Photo: Ocean’s Splendor, Iqbal Osman, CC BY

Suggestions for Making a Good Video

  • Your video must be 3 minutes or under. Don’t rush and try to present too much information in the time you have available.
  • Do something creative and interesting. Ask yourself, “Will my video hold viewers’ attention? Would this be interesting to my own friends?”
  • “Take 2!” If you don’t get the video or audio right on the first take, try it again. The judges appreciate a little attention to detail.
  • Sound and video quality matter. Is there enough light where you’re shooting? Is the audio clear and easy to understand?
  • Be careful about using popular animation tools like Moovly or PowToons. The judges see A LOT of these. A little of this animation is OK, but if you use too much your video will feel the same as all the others.
  • Present the science accurately. If you get your facts wrong or your presentation is confusing you’ll be disqualified.
  • Don’t use images, video or audio that you did not create yourself without the proper permissions.
See the 2015 Winners for examples of creative and accurate videos.


Noba will award $2,500 for the top honor and $1,500 and $1,000 awards for the second and third place submissions, respectively. There will also be Honorable Mention awards for particularly worthy submissions that do not win any of the top three awards.

General Description

Awards will be presented to the Psi Chi member or member group who contribute the highest quality short videos. The video submissions should bring to life a central concept, phenomenon, experiment, or other relevant point described in the Noba learning module Personality Traits, by Edward Diener and Richard E. Lucas. Each submission will be judged on

  1. Accuracy,
  2. Originality,
  3. Clarity and
  4. the extent to which it effectively teaches or demonstrates the chosen focus in a memorable way.

The video should help viewers remember and understand a concept or concepts from the designated module. The video can extend the concepts in the module as they apply in other areas of psychology beyond personality psychology, such as in clinical, social, developmental psychology, and so forth.

Award Guidelines

  1. All video submissions must be no longer than 3 minutes.
  2. Videos may be created with a wide range of formats including but not limited to live action, animation, and PowerPoint.
  3. All submissions must be in English and use English voice over and/or written text if included as elements of the submission.
  4. Individuals, classes or teams may submit. In the case of group submissions a single individual must act as the contact for the entire group.
  5. Limit of one submission per individual or team.
  6. All submitting participants must be 18 years or older.
  7. All submitting participants must be current members of Psi Chi the International Honor Society for Psychology at the undergraduate or graduate level and may be affiliated with any Psi Chi chapter worldwide.
  8. Noba will award three cash prizes based on our internal evaluation of the submissions. The first place recipient will receive $2,500 US Dollars, the second place recipient will receive $1,500 US Dollars and the third place recipient will receive $1,000 US dollars.
  9. When a submission is based on research findings related to a phenomena described in the designated module, but is not explicit in the module, the citation(s) for that research should be included as part of the submission.
  10. Include only original work, appropriately attributed Creative Commons materials, and license-free media. If you intend to use other media under “fair use” guidelines, you are responsible for understanding the conditions under which fair use should generally apply.
  11. Payment will be made to a designated winning individual in each case and, through mutual agreement, may be divided among multiple contributors.
  12. All submissions must be received by Friday, May 12th, 2017.

How to Submit

A video award submission form (below) should be completed for each entry. The videos themselves should be posted on YouTube or Vimeo and the unique URL included in the submission form.

A note to Psi Chi advisors: Psi Chi advisors are encouraged to support students in the creation of video submissions related to the science of psychology in general, and the topic of personality traits specifically. We would appreciate your announcing the 2016-17 Noba – Psi Chi Video Award to members of your chapter and distributing information regarding the award. Advisors can also use this as an opportunity to connect the broad topic of personality traits to concepts in social, developmental, clinical, or other areas of psychology. Students may also be encouraged to read more deeply about the phenomenon they will present, before starting their video project. We recognize that students may be mentored through this process and, as such, the Psi Chi chapter of the winning student or students will also receive an official certificate of the award.

The Fine Print

All submissions become the property of Noba and are subject to use, modification and distribution under Noba's Terms of Service. Noba reserves the right to withhold an award if no submissions meet our standards for quality. You may contact us with questions or comments using our contact form.