2014 Noba Student Video Award Recipients

After viewing nearly 80 video submissions from students at colleges and universities in eight countries on four continents, our panel of judges has selected the three most outstanding entries to the 2014 Noba Student Video Award. These videos will not only receive cash awards but will also be included in the Noba learning modules covering Memory to serve as learning tools for other students.

Congratulations to the three top award winners as well as those videos recognized for honorable mention!

First Place Award

Eureka Chen Yew Foong smiling and facing the camera.

The Misinformation Effect

Eureka Chen Yew Foong
Linfield College — McMinnville, OR, USA
I started planning for this video in January 2014. Although it was difficult for me to choose just one topic, I ultimately decided on the misinformation effect because I wrote a term paper on eyewitness misidentification last year. Looking back, I'm glad I pushed myself to use animations even though it was my first time doing so. It was challenging yet fun to look for studies that I could talk about in a short video, and tie them together with a concept that viewers could relate to (who hasn't taken a photo of a really good meal?).
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Second Place Award

Kara McCord smiling and facing the camera.

Flashbulb Memories

Kara McCord
University of Kentucky — Lexington, KY, USA
This was a great learning opportunity not only for myself, but hopefully for anyone who views my video in the future. Explaining a concept to someone else is a great way to not only learn it, but apply it, and that’s exactly what this video did for me.
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Third Place Award

Ang Rui Xia and Ong Jun Hao smiling and facing the camera.

The Misinformation Effect

Ang Rui Xia & Ong Jun Hao
Singapore Management University — Singapore
Making this video helped me learn much more than the classroom setting alone could offer. This NOBA journey was not just fruitful, it was memorable (no pun intended!)!
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Honorable Mention

A colorful line drawing of a teacher in front of a chalkboard and a boy tying his shoe.

Memory Rehearsal: Factors in Learning

Kaitlynd Emmons
Eureka College — Eureka IL, USA
A student with glasses sitting at a desk and reading from a notebook.

Levels of Memory

Ismail Aliev
Lomonosov Moscow State University- Moscow, Russia
A red balloon in front of green grass, with the words "How I Forgot Her" overlaid.

How I Forgot Her

Shufeng Boh
Singapore Management University- Singapore
A woman with long hair and wearing a hat sitting in her bedroom.

Memorable Yoga

Katherine Ziskind
Central Connecticut State University- New Britain, CT, USA
A woman smiling and facing the camera, with the words "Memory of an Atenista" overlaid.

Memory of an Atenista

Marya Alena Blando & Team APSA
Ateneo de Naga University- Naga, Philippines
A student standing sitting on a step ladder between two rows of bookshelves.

Tunneling Effect

David Boulee
University of Colorado- Boulder, CO, USA
A black and white image of a man and a woman playing chess.

Chunking and STM Capacity

Kylie Jones
Oklahoma Baptist University- Shawnee, OK, USA