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Traditional textbooks are history. The Noba approach is the way of the future.

James Pennebaker

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Textbooks from the Noba Collection.

Expertly compiled from Noba modules to fit the scope and sequence of common courses. Use them as-is or customize them to fit your needs. Instructor manual, PowerPoint presentations, and test bank available for many modules.

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  • Developmental Psychology

Customize Noba textbooks or build your own.

Use Noba books as a starting point; add additional modules from our catalog or remove any that don't fit your course. You can even start from scratch and build a textbook that's all your own.

Comprehensive content from ADHD to Z.

The Noba catalog covers the traditional scope of introductory psychology and then some. With 103 modules (and counting) we're confident you'll find what you're looking for.

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Used by colleges and universities from around the world.

When students ask me what text I use in Introductory Psychology and how much it will cost them, I get to tell them, “It's new, it's free, and it's written by experts in psychology!” Noba combines authoritative modules with unmatched accessibility and ease of use.

Derrick Wirtz, a man with short red hair and thin-rimmed glasses, smiling in front of a bookcase.

Using NOBA was an extraordinary success. I used it as both a teaching and testing tool to the overwhelming approval of my students. They felt it was interesting, engaging and helpful across the board. All in all, we (students and professor alike) loved Noba.

Karen E. M. Henry, a woman with curly strawberry-blonde hair and a white headband, smiling in front of an ivy-covered wall.

Using the NOBA platform not only saved me money this semester, but also time. Traditional textbooks often overload the reader with information, while the NOBA text I used kept my readings to the point and I felt confident in my understanding of each topic.

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I like how NOBA modules provide easy to understand information on so many topics and also link to great supplementary resources if you’d like to delve further. The website is very user-friendly. And having all the modules free and available online to anyone is a great plus.

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  • New York University
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Aberdeen
  • Texas A&M University
  • Singapore Management University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Kentucky
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Barnard College
  • The University of Texas at Austin

A team of top instructors and researchers.

Noba modules have been written by some of the most respected psychologists in the business including Elizabeth Loftus, Ed Diener, Susan Fiske, David Buss, and many, many others.

Noba is the dream project of academics Ed and Carol Diener.

After decades in the classroom as award-winning teachers, Ed and Carol saw the chance to make a difference in a new and powerful way. Believing that knowledge should be made available to all, regardless of cultural, geographic, or economic background, they created Noba to give students and instructors free and open access to a world-class psychology resource.

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