Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Table 1

Posted January 19, 2018

Forms of birth control: This table lists a wide variety of forms of birth control as well as their respective effectiveness. Effectiveness is depicted in actual terms as well as potential effectiveness if each form of birth control were used perfectly. The Evra Patch, the pill, and Nuvaring are all 92% effective (99.7 if used perfectly). IUDs are 99 % effective while diaphragms and spermicides are 84% effective (although that jumps to 94% effectiveness with perfect use). Female condoms are 79% effective while male condoms are 85%. Tubal ligation and vasectomies are both more than 99% effective. Cervical caps range between 68 and 84% effective, and this is true of sponges as well. With both sponges and cervical caps the effectiveness goes down for woman who have had children. Depo-Provera is 97% effective. The Fertility Awareness Method is 75% effective. Withdrawal is only 73% effective and no method is 15% effective.