Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Table 2

Posted January 19, 2018

This table shows the top 10 sexual fears of both men and women. These are the results from an online survey of 2000 European and American men and women reported on the website The table reveals fears of different types of categories: some are related to unintended consequences of sex such as pregnancy and infection. Some are related to body image concerns. Some are related to performance concerns. Finally, some are related to consent (or lack of consent). Men’s fear include, in order: 1) partner having an STI, 2) partner not satisfied or have an orgasm, 3) condom breaking resulting in pregnancy, 4) premature ejaculation, 5) partner might find body unattractive, 6) inability to perform, 7) being bad at sex, 8) having a small penis, 9) partner thinking you are inexperienced, 10) awkwardness after sex. Women’s fears are, in order: 1) partner refuses to use a condom, 2) partner has an STI, 3) unintended pregnancy, 4) partner will find body unattractive, 5) partner will not take “no” for an answer, 6) partner will want to do something you are uncomfortable with, 7) an embarrassing bodily function will occur during sex, 8) partner won’t have an orgasm, 9) you, yourself, won’t have an orgasm, 10) you are bad at sex.